Music Appreciation

Mr. Ryman

Music Appreciation DC 2022-23

[email protected]



Welcome to Music Appreciation DC! Please view the materials list for this course, below. The first two items are required for our first major grade, building a drum, which we will be completing during the week of August 22nd.



  • Plastic Flower Pot - Must be sturdy, not one that crushes easily - 6 or 8 inch diameter - please, no larger that that
  • Vinyl upholstery fabric - 10 inches x 18 inches - Can be found at any JOANN or Hobby Lobby. (The way it's sold, one dimension will be 54 inches, so I recommend collaborating with a friend.)
  • Composition Book
  • Folder for handouts
  • Pencil and pen
  • Headphones - not air pods!



The Music Appreciation course is designed for musicians and non-musicians alike. Students interested or proficient in various disciplines beyond music, such as visual art, literature, history/philosophy, and the sciences will have opportunities to explore the subject matter in the manner each individual student will find most emotionally and intellectually fulfilling. All students will receive instruction in piano and percussion.

The first semester of this course is the Dual Credit portion, in which we will focus on ancient, pre-Classical, and Classical music. The rigor and grading policy will be in line with any other dual credit course. The second semester is a high school course only, and will focus on modern popular styles, from 1900 until the present day.