Hello Tomball Star Academy Parents and Students! 

Me llamo Sra. Caballero.  I am excited to be your  PCC and Spanish Teacher. My educational career has brought me to a variety of learning environments and ages since I began my first year as a teacher in 1995. I have taught from Pre-k to college level in Spanish and ESL.

TSA is a very special place to teach and to learn.  I am fortunate to be part of the TSA experience.  We can't wait to meet our new students each year and grow with them.  You will learn to say "Wings Up!" with a smile. I look forward to getting to know your student and working as a team to be OWL strong!

Classroom supplies:  1) A 3 ring binder (One with a 1/2 inch spine is fine, does not have to be huge.) It needs to have two separators/tabs to create sections. Don't forget to fill it with some paper, please! 2) You will need to bring your own dry erase markers.  Lastly, any donations of facial tissue to deal with sneezing seasons would be awesome.  (Really awesome!) 
Suggestion to make life easier:
Apps download on phone Google Drive, Google email, Google Slides, Quizlet, Spanishdict 
We build notes together. Please bring colored pens if you like them to look super snazzy. 

Class Syllabus:  YOUR GO-TO FOR EVERYTHING.  Need tech help (TISD tech help is linked)? A link to a website we use?  CLICK THESE WORDS FOR SYLLABUS    

Did you miss a class? Check Schoology! We use this in class to keep on track. It is adjusted at the end of each class when/if needed.  Bottom line:  this is my brain and lesson plan for exactly what we are doing each day!

Note about Google Classroom: We do have this for each period.  For the MOST part, it is a back-up to Schoology.

How to contact me?    Please do not use Schoology to contact me. I don't have the flexibility to respond the way I would like using it.  Students- Please email me using TISD google email accounts.  Parents- use the email link on Edlio or [email protected]  It is strongly encouraged to cc your student's gmail account when communicating with me

We are traveling with EF Tours!  August 24th 7pm via google zoom.  You must RSVP to get the zoom link.
Please read information attached and rsvp to learn more!
Here is the RSVP link for your meeting: https://bit.ly/3p65NWR

These trips are immersion trips because I am a Spanish Teacher who loves languages.


Does that word scare you a bit? Don’t let it.  This experience provides an opportunity to create a personal connection.  That connection solidifies language skills and helps them grow.  It is really awesome.

The lessons are on-the-go which means that you will have a lesson (sometimes it takes place en route to the next event) and get to use the language right away. There is no textbook. There is only life application.  This means that travelers who have not yet learned Spanish (or it has been awhile since it was used!) will learn something new and those that are learning Spanish will gain more skills.  Students often learn more through immersion than any other method.  Combine this with personal growth that comes from the real-life experience that only travel provides and you have an amazing opportunity. (Bottom line: Parents and siblings should not be afraid to join the trip for some fun!)

Can’t make the meeting on August 24th?  Okay, no worries. Simply RSVP and you will be sent the information shared. Enrollment will begin after the meeting. 

desk ph: 
281-357-3222 ext 2443
conference time:
M/W 12:50- 2:20
T/Th 7:55-9:20
Spanish 1 @3ghca63
Spanish 2 @4ac24k
PCC @7ab26b9