World Geography TAP/ AP Human Geography

Howdy Owls and welcome to Geography! 

I am excited to be teaching World Geo classes again for the 4th year at TSA.  While I am excited to see my first TSA freshman graduating this year!!,  I am also excited to meet our incoming Freshman and you will be walking across that stage before long:) 

A little about me...I received my bachelor degree in Environmental Science from  Texas A&M University (WHOOP), and my masters degree in education from the University of Houston.  I have been in the teaching profession  on and off for 25 years!  I have spent part of that time raising my own three children and substitute teaching all over the district. 

This year in World Geography we will explore the cultural, social, economic, environmental and political characteristics of the world.  By the end of the year, students will have a better understanding of Earth and how countries, cultures and people shaped our history and continue to shape our current international relationships.

This year in AP Human Geography we will explore how humans have understood, used, and changed the surface of Earth. You'll use the tools and thinking processes of geographers to examine patterns of human population, migration, and land use. 

Both classes lay the foundation for students’ future courses in social studies (AP Euro, US History, Government and Economics) while also preparing them for the rigor of future Advanced Placement and Dual Credit social studies courses.


In order to be successful, the students will need to have the usual pen, pencil, paper, and the  following supplies in class daily...


  • 1" three ring binder
  • 1 subject spiral notebook (don't care what color or pattern)
  • 5 dividers - Notes, Literacy, Maps, 
  • map pencils
  • a black pen (preferable a sharpie pen, NOT A MARKER)
  • expo marker (any color)
  • 12 page protectors
  • headphones that connect to their Chromebook - (some kids can get AirPods to connect, others can not)
  • their Chromebook
If you would like to donate to a class supply list I can always use reams of paper and Kleenex! :)

Contact information

Email- [email protected]

Phone - 281-357-3222 x 2366