Bienvenidos a la clase de la Sra. Gómez

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Angela Gomez
Spanish Teacher
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Contact: (281) 357-3222, Ext.: 2214
Welcome to Ms. Gomez' Spanish Class!
I'm very excited to get started with our classes: Spanish II, Spanish III and Spanish IV AP. 
About myself:
I am a native Spanish speaker, born and raised in Colombia, South America, where I graduated in Communications and Journalism at Pontifical Xavierian University. I have a Master's degree in teaching Spanish Language and Culture from Universidad Pontificia de Salamanca, in Spain.  I have varied experience teaching Spanish both for Non-Native Speakers as well as Native Speakers, all the way from 1st grade to 11th grade, in the USA and Colombia.   
I am really passionate about languages and culture. I have been fortunate to have had  the opportunity to travel to  different places in Europe, USA, Central and South America, which has provided me with cultural awareness and understanding the nuances of Spanish language.